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 Too many forums/subjects!

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Too many forums/subjects! Empty
PostSubject: Too many forums/subjects!   Too many forums/subjects! I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2008 3:50 pm

I just got here, and already I can think of a problem.

You have far too many different forums!

I just counted, and it seems you have two for every member. If this was a large forum then it might work, but with only a handful of members, it is confusing and unmanageable.

I would suggest at least halving, perhaps quatering the number.

For example, you have 3 different topics for each console and even more for PC games. Instead, why not just make one called 'games'? Considering most games are multiplatform anyway, and it saves time and space.

So, instead of having a million different groups, why not just have a few. Heres my suggestion:

1. General
If your not sure where it goes, it goes here. Also has information on rules, announcements, and other stuff you won't read.

2. Games- You could either have one big forum about games, but that might get a bit cluttered, so why not have a group and then, withing that
1. PC
2. PS3
3. Wii
4. XBOX 360
5. Old Skool

3. Random Crap
You could put all the deleted topics here, or somthing.

Anyway, after this outburst of criticism, I think this is a pretty good idea, and it could work. But you should consider cutting down the number of topics. I would also think about maybe writing some more serious rules.

This is all said, of course, assuming you want to have a serious go at this. If not, feel free to ignore me.
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Too many forums/subjects!
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